Follow My Lead Charcoal/Mercury

Follow My Lead Charcoal/Mercury

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For once you can lead the way with Follow My Lead. Keeping both the lead and your demeanour relaxed, your dog will learn to stop pulling you and be trained to walk to heel in no time. Available in a choice of two discreet colours to match light or dark fur, Follow My Lead is crafted from soft webbing and an elegant calf-leather trim.

Charcoal/Mercury; Almond/Stone

Not advisable for dogs with very short muzzles such as pugs
This is not a muzzle
Do not leave on dogs unattended

How to Use
1. The head section is in a figure of eight. Open both loops wide enough to place over the head and muzzle of the dog.
2. The larger loop with the stopper goes over the head; the smaller one over the muzzle. The cross with the safety hook should be positioned under the muzzle.
3. Tighten the figure of eight gently to fit the dog's head. Adjust stopper, with forefinger on top, so harness fits snuggly around head with a little space for your dog's comfort.
4. Clip the safety hook, positioned under the muzzle, to your dog's collar.

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