The Mungo & Maud gift card

Gift Card Terms and Conditions

The Mungo & Maud gift card is not a credit card, charge card or cheque guarantee card.

The gift card can be activated with a minimum value of £25 or $25 and have a maximum value of £1000 or $1000. The gift card can be purchased or redeemed at our company-owned stores in the UK and at our company-owned webstores, where permitted by law. This does not include our concession in Harrods. Cards may be used in full or part payment. Cards may not be exchanged for cash or change given for transactions. Cards will expire after 12 months of activation or top-up and any balance will be forfeited. Mungo & Maud is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged cards. All refunds on purchases made using card will be recredited to the card. These conditions may be amended from time to time.