Kingsman by Mungo & Maud

Mungo & Maud has gone to the movies with the film release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. We’ve teamed up with the makers of this iconic sartorial film to produce the Noble collection, tailored to a gentleman’s dog.
Nicola Sacher, Creative Director of Mungo & Maud says “It was such a huge compliment to have been invited to design a collection for Kingsman.  This film turned me into a spy movie convert and so inspired the idea to create a tailored collection for dogs, sharp enough to fit the elegance of the Kingsman brand… I hope your dog will be ‘noble’ enough to be the next recruit!”
Matthew Vaughn, Producer and Director of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, says “Dogs are an integral part of the Kingsman world and Mungo & Maud is the perfect partner to make the dogs match the sartorial style of the Kingsman range.”
Kingsman: The Golden Circle from FOX and Marv Films will be released in cinemas globally from 22nd September 2017.