Mungo & Maud has collaborated with beloved Japanese fashion brand 45R to create a fusion collection inspired by the sea. This collection explores 45R's refined fabrics with an imaginative and playful twist.

Discover the Umii Dog Bed with an emerald embroidered motif; the Umii T, a lightweight t-shirt for dogs; the Umii Collar & Lead in webbing and calf leather trim; and the Umii Dog Toy, a stripe crochet-knit Dachshund.

Inoue Yasumi, Executive Director of 45R says 'When I first met Nicola, I was immediately touched by her kindness and gracefulness and I knew then that the products she creates must be beautiful, made by someone filled with such love. 45R is committed to making people-friendly garments as well. We are honoured to be working with her.'

45R was established in Japan in 1977, working with craftsmanship and attention to detail to create timeless and refined clothes in renowned Ai-dyed indigo fabrics. The harmony of the process and seasonal elements coexist at the heart of 45R.