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  • Shop the new Umii Collection
  • Shop the new Umii Collection
  • Welcome to Mungo and Maud, Dog Accessories and Cat Accessories for the contemporary home.

    Introducing Mungo & Maud's brand new collection of dog accessories and cat accessories. The design approach is stylish, considered, with a timeless quality. Our dog and cat products are minimalist yet tactile with a strong use of natural materials such as cotton, wool, leather and linen.

    The fabulous new product range is the ultimate in comfort, style and innovation. The bolster dog Leads, available in four different sizes, is specifically designed to offer comfort and support. They are each made with Mungo & Maud's own cotton fabrics and are available in four different colours. The new Mungo & Maud woven cat basket is made with cotton fabric available in three prints including pink, blue and natural. The Mungo & Maud made to order cat litter tray takes innovation to the max, made with stainless steel and white acrylic with a flip down lid for modernist living.

    More an experience than a store, Mungo & Maud's inviting boutique has been specially designed to encourage browsing through row upon row of exquisitely crafted dog accessories in chic packaging. The desirable selection ranges from hand-stitched dog collars and dog leads to vintage dog bowls, embroidered dog beds, dog blankets and dog clothing and organic dog biscuits and treats made to Mungo & Maud's own recipe.

    Mungo & Maud sell dog accessories and beautiful cat products that that are stylish, considered and timeless with a strong use of natural materials such as cotton, wool, leather and linen.

    Through the Mungo and Maud dog accessories and cat products online shop, we would like to introduce you to an extensive range of minimalist yet tactile dog accessories including luxury dog beds, hand stitched leather dog collars, a great range of dapper dog clothing, cashmere dog coats and dog harnesses. We also stock a huge range of cat products including natural woven cat beds, hand knitted cat toys and a dapper selection of suede cat collars. We have many stylish pet accessories that will complement your contemporary home.

    Luxury dog accessories including Dog Clothes, our exclusive designer Dog Fragrance, Dog Blankets, Dog Treats, Dog Leads, Dog Bowls.

    So wherever you are this summer you can still buy your dog and cat a lovely present without even having to leave the house. Our dog accessory and cat accessory online shop can supply you with all the essentials that you could need this summer at www.mungoandmaud.com and we now ship to the United Kingdom and Europe.

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