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  • DOG BOWLS: For the dog with an eye for style and a taste for luxury, Mungo & Maud's chic range of dog bowls is sure to completely satisfy your dog's taste buds. Select from the darling of the dog bowls range 'Dinner to go' to the stylishly crafted 'wooden bowl'; your dog will lick his bowl clean just to see the new object of his affection…

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    Mungo & Maud's gorgeous Double Wooden Dog Bowl, with it's beautiful stained wooded frame and stainless steel dog bowls, is both stylish and practical. It is a dishwasher safe dog bowl fit for a contemporary home. We have dog bowls for tiny dogs and dog bowls for large dogs. We have designer dog bowls, contempory dog bowls, and luxury dog bowls. We even have a travel dog bowl that can be used as a water bowl while you are out and about. Most of our dog feeding bowls are dishwasher safe, and some are hand made dog bowls.

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