Mungo & Maud have found a new nest at Finch Hudson The pop-up will launch on Saturday 15th October, where all press, guests and dogs will be hosted by the resident Pointers, Mathilda and Gunnar at the opening party. Mungo & Maud will occupy the emporium until January 2017 for this seasonal exhibition, showcasing its collections, which include minimalist style beds, Italian-made leads and collars, cable cashmere pullovers and hand-thrown ceramic bowls to name a few. 

Lured by the natural beauty of Hudson Valley, Andrew Arrick and Michael Hofemann left their New York careers, which include renowned fashion houses Vera Wang and Yves Saint Laurent, to create FINCH, an exquisitely curated store filled with antique and contemporary finds. 

Nicola Sacher of Mungo & Maud says “We were so touched to be invited to exhibit at Finch Hudson’s beautiful and stylish store… we hope to give the Hudson dogs some serious retail therapy too!”.