The Dacha House Collection

Winter 2021

The little Dacha house in the woods

The Dacha House Collection

Winter 2021

This winter, Mungo & Maud looks to the charm of the Dacha house, set in a remote woodland.  The warmth and inviting nature of this traditional retreat and the colour palette of the winter landscape all combine to inspire The Dacha House Collection.

Baseball Dog Collar Beige/Cress

In the 18th century, ‘Dacha’ was originally used to describe an allotment of land.  With time, the word then grew to become the charmingly simple wooden houses itself. 

Here follows some of the pieces that grew from the inspiring landscape.

Dacha Dog Pullover Coffee/Gris

The namesake Dacha Dog Pullover conveys the complete spirit of the collection.  Knitted from the softest Merino wool, accented with bold contrast stripes and a button neck opening for warmth and comfort… one feels thoroughly prepared for any expedition.

Baseball Dog Collar Beige/Cress

Baseball Collars and Leads have been newly reimagined in shades from nature.  Crafted in Italy from woven cotton webbing and feather-soft suede, embellished with a cream stitch.  Appealing in Cress, Apricot, Glycine and Nutmeg.

Bauhaus Dog Lead Biscuit/Smoke

The Mungo & Maud signature ‘Bauhaus Collar and Lead’ have similarly been created in a soothing natural palette, with just a touch of sweetness.  Precisely crafted from the finest Italian calf leather, with a dash of contrast cotton webbing, these most artistic of accoutrements are now in new Biscuit/Smoke and Rosebud/Chocolate colourways.

Bolster Dog Bed - Vichy in Grey

What idyll could be complete without a spot to slumber?  Prepare for sweet dreams upon the sumptuous Bolster Dog Bed - Vichy in Grey, a charming cotton gingham nest.

Ooo-Noo Owl Dog Toy Caramel

One may be awakened by the hoot of Ooo-Noo Owl, calling to play in the twilight.  With his superlatively soft, plush form, sweet check accents found beneath his wings and on his dainty feet… he is quite impossible to resist.

Inspired by the traditional babushka toy first created in the 19th century, the Doll Dog Toy finally reveals herself.  However, unlike her wooden predecessors, one’s new toy is exquisitely crocheted and embroidered with un visage du chien charmant

Let her accompany one on all future voyages as a reminder of the visit to the little Dacha house in the woods.


The Winterval Collection

Let the curtain be raised on a sincere story for the season, as Mungo & Maud stages the Winterval collection. Renowned playwright William Shakesears casts a spotlight deep into the violet twilight of the stage so that all a creature may desire is revealed.

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The Townhouse Collection

This wintertide, as lamps burn gently, Mungo & Maud brings to light its Townhouse collection. Penned by the prestigious author, Charles Diggins, ‘A Tail of a Townhouse’ evokes the elegance and enigmas one may find residing within many storeys of this historical edifice.

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Those Who Nose

Mungo & Maud is enjoying une promenade à Paris with a very special guest.  Owner of bakery Poilâne, Apollonia Poilâne, and her Jack Russell 'Rascal' are sharing their favourite addresses in the city.

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